September 30, 2008

Baby your heart is safe with me ;]

Blogs blogs blogs! I'm addicted. So I logged on to Myspace today to see what kind of blogs are on there. It just happen to be the first blog I came across and the title just sucked me in. It was something like "Would you text a complete stranger your secret?5,000 people did!". So my curious self clicked on it and got sucked into the world of PostSecret! So basically you text your secret to a complete stranger or mail in a post card and you can say if you want them to text you back or if you just want to send the text with no responses, and sometimes people text you back advice. I was on this site reading peoples secrets for hours, some are just small secrets, and others break your heart or just make you think damn. Its a really cool site, Its so intreging. So yeah hers the link .. Http:// Check it out. They even have books, and if your a nosey person like me I think you'll like the site ;]


So I'm becoming a tad bit disappointed with the school I'm in. I was telling my brother, I'm paying for education( which is not cheap) and my assignments consist of 1 page papers.. 1 page double spaces and like triple lines, this is college? Call me weird but I like to be challenged and especially if I'm paying for this I want to get the most out of it. Ehh, the search for a new school is underway!

Okay time for my soggy moment.
It's something every girl constantly thinks about.

I thought I had it once or twice
Maybe I did, but I lost it.
Damn girl, what's this blog about?

I hear a song and it automatically reminds me of you. No matter how many times I say that I wont talk about you, you manage to make your way into my thoughts. Your the only person I want, yet that doesn't seem like enough. I can tell you a million times and it just doesn't seem to register in your head. I wish I could just forget you, I wish it could be that easy. Maybe your a totally different person. It's just that I talk about you or think about you and my heart just smiles, I just want to give you everything you deserve and honestly you don't deserve that much cause you are an asshole. Even with that I still want to be there I want to be the one that makes you smile, I want to be the one you tell your secrets to and ask advice. I want to be the one to make you truly happy because you are the one that makes me happy. Even tho its been a while when ever I see you or talk to you it feels like before and nothing feels better than that. When I see you I still get butterflies and nervous , that has to mean something right?
I just want another chance.

P.s I totally broke that promise or pact I made in that other blog xD And I am strong and I dont need him but c'mon now everyone has a weakness , it just so happens that he seems to be mine..

Any who ,That's all I've got for today kiddos ;]


September 27, 2008

Ahh, kids.

Today was my moms best friends baby shower. While at the babyshower I met this 7 year old girl and man was she something! It's like talking to her made me remeber what it was like when I was the age. Shes 7 and she knows that she wants to go to Harvard, she talks about how school is so great and she sat there and asked my sister to teach her how to count money. When my sister was talking to her about a website she actually payed attention to what she was saying, she even went and wrote down what she was telling her so she wouldn't forget. Kids are just amazing because they want to know so much you have to love their curious little minds.

Short entry today but I thought I should share , Tired .
Thats all for today kiddos, until next time


September 24, 2008


Disappointments; Life is full of them. However for every disappointment, there is a lesson learned. 99.9% of things in this world cannot be prevented. I am a firm believer in the theory that everything happens for a reason.

I bet your asking so what's the disappointment? The wedding I did, I didn't do the best job. I messed up guys. Sure I can say that I had just gotten my camera and I really didnt know how to work the settings but, I have a screen where I can view the pictures and I could have put more attention and took some time to look the pictures over as I was taking them, so not only is my "client" disappointed in me, I am very disappointed with myself. Like I said before , everything happens for a reason. Lesson learned. It's also like Iris said, if I was such a professional then I wouldn't be here in school learning exactly what it is that I messed up on. It's just ashame that the bride doesn't have amazing pictures. However, instead of being down about it like I was yesterday I just have to improve and try my best.

Okay, let's talk about my druken blog and how stupid I am ;D. Boys will be boys & he just doesn't get it. So as of today I am going into a detoxicification of Mr. . It is my vow to not mention him anymore and just forget. As impossible as it seems I am strong and I sure as hell don't need a boy messin me up. So this is the official last blog about him, unless we get married or something ;D just keedin`

Okay kiddos, that's all I got for now!


September 22, 2008

What a funny night.

September 20th 2008- One of the Funniest nights of September 08'. So Basically we got ridiculously drunk and man oh man, like Kristan said, No P in Va-G! She has to be the most random but funniest people I know. The whole night was fun , but Kristan crawling around thinking she was a spy just put the icing on the cake ;].

Thats enough of that, I finally hooked up my camera to my laptop! Correction, Tony hooked it up for me cause I am retarded when it comes to downloading apps and stuff. But anyway, now I can post pictures!!

So now I'm back at school, and getting up this morning was a killer! I'm so glad that I have so much support cause if I didn't I would have stayed sleeping. I make sure every night I read my cards( that were given to me with my camera) and it motivated me. It goes by quick anyway, I just can't wait to go to a art school, I know it will be a better experience than this one.
Here are the keys to my heart, okay maybe not, keys to my dorm lol ;]
Sooo, this is my room! A bit messy but this is it, well my half anyway.

This is the bridge & it's view. The other side is just the other dorms.

Okay kiddos, That's all I've got for you tonight.


September 19, 2008

Druken BLOG!

My heart is offically taken. I am drunk but that doesnt matter makes my feelings more intense and real. __________, its yours, and you wont understand ever but I talk to you and my heart smiles I swear , its corny but its true. You dont have to do anything just look at me and I know that its there. I remember one time I was drunk & the only person that could talk to me was you, you grabbed my face and looked me straight in the eye , and I said no other girl is ever going to treat oyu like I will, no one will care for you or do any of that bullshit, and you looked at me and kissed me. It was surreal, and it was one of the best memories I have. Thanks. Rihanna is hot , lol anyways Yeah Im talking to you on aim and you have my heart .
its offcial .. ;]
so stop it. lol;

September 15, 2008

Survey Says!

Okay, so today I was giving an assiment in my writting class. I decided to take this not so serious assignment and make it personal, It's a poem about me so what's not to like about it right? Okay, So this is an I am poem, ever heard of it?? Let me show you...

I Am
I am Spontaneous and talented. I hear someone singing me a song. I see myself doing great things. I want to feel free I am spontaneous and talented I pretend and that's all I can do I feel there's not enough time I touch EVERYTHING I worry about nothing I cry easily I am spontaneous and talented I understand that nothing comes easy I say what's on
my mind I dream with my eyes open I try to make the best of any situation I hope you enjoy my poem I am spontaneous and talented

Okay, my answers are the first things that popped into my head, that was the whole exercise , but yeah I enjoyed writing my little poem and I wanted to share.
Okay , the only thing I had help with were my adjectives, so I asked a couple people to give me two words to describe me, and not many people answered but here are the responses I got Mad sexy, (dummy I said to descriptive adjectives) Outgoing easy to talk to , (acceptable) Beautiful and fun (whoa, I can agree with that ;] , and Spontaneous and talented ( I liked this one as you can tell) ;]

Talking about class and school related topics, I bought not really bought because I have a book voucher, still I bought a One Hundred and twenty six dollar, (I had to spell it and make it more dramatic) calculator. Seriously yo, What's up with this world let me show you how messed up it is, You go to jail for drinking and being in trouble in the street, then you say why didn't just go to school and pursue their dream? Why you ask stupid little rich people, because you charge 126$ for a calculator, you make tuition for a two year associated degree more than 20,000. Its cheaper to buy a beer for a dollar. Selling drugs gets you rich faster, look at Tony Montana<~ Joke. Anyways, I'm cheap and I don't want to waste 26,000+ and live in a box , so im going to work my little panda ass off.
Freaking Calculator.

So yeah, blog updated. Pictures posted. Makes everyone happy.
Especially me. Until next time ;]


September 14, 2008

Sunday Night Random-ness.

No joke, I've started this blog about 4 different times. Mixed emotions and so many thoughts. Okay , when I first got here I was fine (& when I say here I'm talking about school.) & don't get me wrong I still am fine, I just get into my different moods, I'm only human right? Going home this weekend made me just miss being there and it was just so comfortable. Ugh, I'm still adjusting to this whole thing and it doesn't suck, its just that its still new. I swear Iris if you ever read this I am fine I just miss you guys ;]

Okay, so I express myself better in words ; I think it's because I have more time to think of what I want to say rather than having and active conversation. ( Yeah, this is something I definitely need to work on.)

So College, obviously its new, but its awesome. I love it I meet someone new everyday and its not just people that you've seen around all the time, its people from Brooklyn ; Pennsylvania etc.. Its just cool to learn about people and their interest. It feels good to be out of a hole like West New York , and I know that once everything starts falling into place, Iris & me are going to be doing our damn thing ;] . All we have to do is be dedicated have the drive and are passionate about it , there's no stopping us.

So, I learned today that I can hook-up my blog page, Sooo as soon as I figure out how to connect my camera to my laptop, there are going to be some freakin' cool pictures up.

So until next time people ...
Rosalinda <3

September 09, 2008

Con Amor

It's okay, just shoot me in the heart; I don't need it anymore.

Stupid boys, No matter how much we are the same; it just doesn't work out. It
s obvious I put the cards on the table and still you fail to understand. I simply give up. Enough with that the focus is on me now.

School, its going good, still adjusting to the whole thing, but its not terrible. Being social and meeting as many people as I can is a big priority, Like all the teachers say , sure your going to need your education , but when you finish here its who you know and meeting as many people as possible will help me further myself in life. Already I see a difference in myself, I ask when I don't know something, I explore and I'm not scared to just say hey I need help. Which before I would have never been able to do. I just feel so lucky that I'm out here and I have so much support to keep me motivated and going strong! I wont let you down guys! ;]

Lets talk about the Wedding and how completely amazing it was. I am so appreciative that Millie&Charlie chose me to be their photographer, I feel that I'm growing and learning. When I was taking pictures, I felt like this is what I should be doing , this right here is what I love and all doubts that I had before went out the window. Being a photographer is not like being a doctor, I don't save lives, but I do capture moments that people treasure forever. Pictures remind us of the good times, and let us reflect on the past. So although I'm not a doctor I still love what I do and I know that this is what I should be doing.


September 03, 2008

Morning ;]

My & twin. Its weird being here without her. Like shes been saying for the past couple of weeks, "it's that we've never been apart." I just wish she could be here to share this experience with me. Shes like the pistol to my holster` BANG!

I miss you brain ;]

Thank goodness for family.
So before I left for my "big adventure" to college, my whole entire family bought me a camera. They are just truly amazing. I just am so appreciative that they would do something so nice and thoughtful, I know that everyone has better things to waste their money on , but they didn't they thought of me. Makes me one happy professional. ;]

Well I like this blog thing , since I still have no roommate, I have no one to talk to. I feel like I haven't heard my voice all day. ugh, let me make some phone calls, thats if the signal doesn't fade.


2am Random thoughts.

1:59am. Unable to sleep.

First day at my dorm so its only natural I guess. Just me & an empty room. Listening to the sounds of the crickets. I should have taken that fan my brother was offering me. Its not hot but maybe if I was colder I would fall asleep faster. Maybe I cant sleep because I'm to busy worrying about my sister and if she'll be okay with out me. I know she will be. Maybe I cant fall asleep because I'm not sleepy, that could be it too, But im pretty sure its cause it's my first night in another state away from home. And as I lay here I write, about the endless random thoughts running through my mind.

First day at school was simple, go from here to there to there to there....
Lets see what tomorrow brings, Hopefully not a roommate.


College Girl!!

Ah, first blog.

..First night in my dorm. Its so hard for me to say or write how I feel, So ill try my best. Okay first night in my dorm is awkward. Its weird not being where I have been the past two years, it's somewhat refreshing, but weird. I think not having a roommate is making he transition better, hopefully I don't get a roommate in the next couple of days cause I am really enjoying my room. I cant get over how much support I am getting from my family. Makes me feel a little under pressure, I dont want to screw up, But it also gives me drive like yes im doing this for a reason and my hard work is being recognized. I just cant wait to get out there and give it all I got.