April 10, 2009

tick tock

Four letter word; time, a thing that rules over us and no matter what you do or how hard you try to go back, it just keeps ticking foward.
Time, is seriosuly precious.
You anxiously wait for something then before you know it its a thing of the past.
Time off, finally tommorrow a day off :) ah it feels nice.
A day off and I want to do so much, I'm telling you I want to have a jam packed day tommorrow filled with detail cleaning, fun, and somethings that's are just plain old time consuming.
Let's see what tomorrow truley brings.
Night kiddos :)
Until next time..

April 05, 2009

Welcome April<3

Welcome Spring 2009. It feels like you didn't waste time getting here, I mean it feels like just yesterday I was sobbing happy new year. So yeah, I'm not even going to say it's been awhile ;] , you know this. What's up with me? Where to start?...

I recently went to Bergen(school) all on my own which for me is a pretty big deal with this whole anxiety thing. I got up that morning not knowing at all where I was going hopped on a bus and made it to the school. Of course for me it wasn't that simple. I got on the bus with the rudest bus driver ever, he didnt even look at me when I asked if he could let me know that stop, and my luck there was noone else on the bus I could ask directions ;\. I panicked I shed a couple tears, then quickly got over it after bad mouthing the one that was supposed to accompany me. It made me feel that I know I can do these things and that the whole anxiety thing soon will completly be a thing of the past, hopefully.

What else? I'm tired. I am tired of the same thing after same thing after same fxcking thing.

I want to be out there....

True happiness doesn't exist.