March 20, 2009

Heres a thought


Honesty is the best policy.
People c'mon now, if you don't want to do something or something is bothering you open up your gianormous mouth, you sure know how to use it when your insulting someone or picking a fight, why not just say, No Rosita I don't wanna go to your house to day, I don't feel like it don't have me making my plans involve you & have me thinking for a whole week its going to happen and in the end you flake. I could have bety my life it was going to happen and it did, and you made it seem like me , but guess what I'm done bending over backwards and making the extra effort when you don't even give a rats behind. Thanks a ton.

Can let these people mess up your day, you have to just brush them off..

March 16, 2009

Good morning :)

Good morning to you and all of the yawning faces that I've seen walk in for some coffee this morning! Today is a new day and, I can finally say that I'm feeling 200% again! It was defiantly that time of the month ladies you know what I'm talking about. But finally I'm feeling better which is always a good thing, can't help but have this grin on my face which I don't mind to much... Maybe it was those drunken text messages from saturday night or better said sunday morning that have me feeling a little bit more giddy. Whatever the case may be I'm just glad to be back :)

That unwinding this weekend sure did help!

March 15, 2009

late night thoughts..

Let's get you up to date, I got a new life changing phone, its my baby the blackberry curve, which makes me have almost everything at my finger tips. Love it!

On another note, a couple blogs ago I decided what type of photography I wanted to do and I had decided photojournalism, and my mind is still set on that now the good part begins, time to move foward and pursue my dream. I have a lot of goals that I'm setting myself for 2009, and I hope to accomplish them.
What are they?
So far all I have thought of is writing a book, and I have started got 2 paragraphs and then got writers block lol I still have time to finish it, but yeah once I finish My list ill make sure to post it up :)

That's all for tonight kiddos

March 12, 2009

Sometimes the best thing is to walk away.

Yesterday I was feeling kind of down, as you can tell by the previous post.
I just felt like I used to feel all depressed and stuff. I just felt like I was taking a step backwards and that never feels good. However I think we are all entitled to our days. Last night I had an argument with my sister, and I'm not saying I'm right and shes wrong or vice versa. I just think our hunger and stubbornness got in the way. I just think we both could have gone about the situation in different ways. For example instead of attacking me, yes attacking me because that's how I felt, you could have said things in a nicer more positive way. & I could have just gone to my dentist appointment, but I was in a "funk". Don't get it twisted I'm not on here because I don't want to talk about it with you, I'm just venting. Which I hope I'm allowed to do...

Besides that, I'm still not feeling 100%, whatever.

I just wish that I can get away sometimes some where far, where nobody knows me & I can just be free, even it's for a little while.


March 11, 2009

Be over me, I'm over myself.

Ever wondered what life would be like if you weren't around?
How your family would be? Would it be the same?
Just thoughts, don't freak.

People, never change, they grow. & with that they still keep
pieces of themselves along the way, good& bad.

Sometimes, I just find it so hard to be happy. I'm not going to lie, some days it's like the day is complete bliss& this is what life is all about, and then the majority of the time it's like oh okay this is it? I feel the negativity over shadowing my life and it's hard to come out of sometimes. I just wish that sometimes I can be more happy, genuinely happy.
Is this how it's always going to be?
I think I'll always be like this, there's no changing me
...cause people don't change.