June 25, 2009

Gone for a mintue

Hola Blogger!
Como estas?

Bueno, I don't even have to state the obvious, however for you curious minds I will tell you exactly where I've been.

I've been slacking.
It's been so long I almost forgot my password, yikes!
Any hoot, I've realized that I blog when I am not in the best of moods, since I've been doing somewhat okay, I guess I forgot about the blogging world.
My apologies.

Since I've gotten my blackberry, crackberry I should say, I haven't really sat down at a computer, and although a full keyboard is amazing, its not amazing enough to write blogs, my poor fingers get tired with all the none sense I be talking LOL.

So yeah blogging world, Its late I just wanted to say I'm back at it!
like a crack addict..


June 07, 2009

loosing hope..

Is there a place where honesty exists? Is there a place where kindness is there as well? Maybe some happiness? Is there a place where once you forgive, you truly forget. A place where perfection is everyone and anyone. A drama-free place.
This place, this wonderful place sadly doesn't exist.
Instead we live in a place where we say your forgiven but this invisible grudge is held against you for the rest of your life, a place where all it takes is one person for everyone to follow and individuality is out the window. A place where nobody speaks their mind, and honesty, pft what's the meaning of that? A place where were to scared to tell someone how we feel or what were thinking. A place were love is found on the world wide web. This place is cold, its scary and the thought of this place just sends chills down my spine, I'd give anything to go back to the way things used to be, anything.. But most of all, I'm sick of this place :(