September 30, 2008

Baby your heart is safe with me ;]

Blogs blogs blogs! I'm addicted. So I logged on to Myspace today to see what kind of blogs are on there. It just happen to be the first blog I came across and the title just sucked me in. It was something like "Would you text a complete stranger your secret?5,000 people did!". So my curious self clicked on it and got sucked into the world of PostSecret! So basically you text your secret to a complete stranger or mail in a post card and you can say if you want them to text you back or if you just want to send the text with no responses, and sometimes people text you back advice. I was on this site reading peoples secrets for hours, some are just small secrets, and others break your heart or just make you think damn. Its a really cool site, Its so intreging. So yeah hers the link .. Http:// Check it out. They even have books, and if your a nosey person like me I think you'll like the site ;]


So I'm becoming a tad bit disappointed with the school I'm in. I was telling my brother, I'm paying for education( which is not cheap) and my assignments consist of 1 page papers.. 1 page double spaces and like triple lines, this is college? Call me weird but I like to be challenged and especially if I'm paying for this I want to get the most out of it. Ehh, the search for a new school is underway!

Okay time for my soggy moment.
It's something every girl constantly thinks about.

I thought I had it once or twice
Maybe I did, but I lost it.
Damn girl, what's this blog about?

I hear a song and it automatically reminds me of you. No matter how many times I say that I wont talk about you, you manage to make your way into my thoughts. Your the only person I want, yet that doesn't seem like enough. I can tell you a million times and it just doesn't seem to register in your head. I wish I could just forget you, I wish it could be that easy. Maybe your a totally different person. It's just that I talk about you or think about you and my heart just smiles, I just want to give you everything you deserve and honestly you don't deserve that much cause you are an asshole. Even with that I still want to be there I want to be the one that makes you smile, I want to be the one you tell your secrets to and ask advice. I want to be the one to make you truly happy because you are the one that makes me happy. Even tho its been a while when ever I see you or talk to you it feels like before and nothing feels better than that. When I see you I still get butterflies and nervous , that has to mean something right?
I just want another chance.

P.s I totally broke that promise or pact I made in that other blog xD And I am strong and I dont need him but c'mon now everyone has a weakness , it just so happens that he seems to be mine..

Any who ,That's all I've got for today kiddos ;]


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