May 05, 2009

Frustrating sacrafices.

I can't sleep in my own bed, I can't watch tv in my own house, I have a time limit on when and what I can eat, I can't shower in peace, I mean I can't even get a breath of fresh air without it being polluted with nasty SMOKE...

I'm just a little frustrated.

It all up to you..

I have a crazy family, this not much of an update..
Moms staying, this is.
Abuela's moving in, Kristan's moving out, this also is an update.
Freshly painted apartment.
All attempts for change.
I'm tired of being in this place, therefore I will no longer stay here.
I'm tired of assumptions & judgements therefore I will no longer listen anymore.
I'm tired of being the one that needs to be "fixed" , I am not broken.
We seek this thing that we have, we try so hard to be positive and its already in our finger tips, we don't work hard enough for it.
Nothing comes easily, everything comes with its own struggles, things arent always sunny.
I saw a little rain this morning & thought I should stay home, it's the perfect day to do nothing & be in bed, however what do I get out of that ? nothing.
Point blank, I'm tired, time doesn't wait for you,
you want change, do it.
That's all I've got kiddos.

May 03, 2009

Im lost on the road...

It's just like that dream where your screaming at the top of your lungs, but no one hears you.

It feels something like that.

eh, I just don't know anymore, I gotta go, time to paste on the smile.