September 22, 2008

What a funny night.

September 20th 2008- One of the Funniest nights of September 08'. So Basically we got ridiculously drunk and man oh man, like Kristan said, No P in Va-G! She has to be the most random but funniest people I know. The whole night was fun , but Kristan crawling around thinking she was a spy just put the icing on the cake ;].

Thats enough of that, I finally hooked up my camera to my laptop! Correction, Tony hooked it up for me cause I am retarded when it comes to downloading apps and stuff. But anyway, now I can post pictures!!

So now I'm back at school, and getting up this morning was a killer! I'm so glad that I have so much support cause if I didn't I would have stayed sleeping. I make sure every night I read my cards( that were given to me with my camera) and it motivated me. It goes by quick anyway, I just can't wait to go to a art school, I know it will be a better experience than this one.
Here are the keys to my heart, okay maybe not, keys to my dorm lol ;]
Sooo, this is my room! A bit messy but this is it, well my half anyway.

This is the bridge & it's view. The other side is just the other dorms.

Okay kiddos, That's all I've got for you tonight.


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