September 15, 2008

Survey Says!

Okay, so today I was giving an assiment in my writting class. I decided to take this not so serious assignment and make it personal, It's a poem about me so what's not to like about it right? Okay, So this is an I am poem, ever heard of it?? Let me show you...

I Am
I am Spontaneous and talented. I hear someone singing me a song. I see myself doing great things. I want to feel free I am spontaneous and talented I pretend and that's all I can do I feel there's not enough time I touch EVERYTHING I worry about nothing I cry easily I am spontaneous and talented I understand that nothing comes easy I say what's on
my mind I dream with my eyes open I try to make the best of any situation I hope you enjoy my poem I am spontaneous and talented

Okay, my answers are the first things that popped into my head, that was the whole exercise , but yeah I enjoyed writing my little poem and I wanted to share.
Okay , the only thing I had help with were my adjectives, so I asked a couple people to give me two words to describe me, and not many people answered but here are the responses I got Mad sexy, (dummy I said to descriptive adjectives) Outgoing easy to talk to , (acceptable) Beautiful and fun (whoa, I can agree with that ;] , and Spontaneous and talented ( I liked this one as you can tell) ;]

Talking about class and school related topics, I bought not really bought because I have a book voucher, still I bought a One Hundred and twenty six dollar, (I had to spell it and make it more dramatic) calculator. Seriously yo, What's up with this world let me show you how messed up it is, You go to jail for drinking and being in trouble in the street, then you say why didn't just go to school and pursue their dream? Why you ask stupid little rich people, because you charge 126$ for a calculator, you make tuition for a two year associated degree more than 20,000. Its cheaper to buy a beer for a dollar. Selling drugs gets you rich faster, look at Tony Montana<~ Joke. Anyways, I'm cheap and I don't want to waste 26,000+ and live in a box , so im going to work my little panda ass off.
Freaking Calculator.

So yeah, blog updated. Pictures posted. Makes everyone happy.
Especially me. Until next time ;]


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