September 03, 2008

2am Random thoughts.

1:59am. Unable to sleep.

First day at my dorm so its only natural I guess. Just me & an empty room. Listening to the sounds of the crickets. I should have taken that fan my brother was offering me. Its not hot but maybe if I was colder I would fall asleep faster. Maybe I cant sleep because I'm to busy worrying about my sister and if she'll be okay with out me. I know she will be. Maybe I cant fall asleep because I'm not sleepy, that could be it too, But im pretty sure its cause it's my first night in another state away from home. And as I lay here I write, about the endless random thoughts running through my mind.

First day at school was simple, go from here to there to there to there....
Lets see what tomorrow brings, Hopefully not a roommate.


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