September 14, 2008

Sunday Night Random-ness.

No joke, I've started this blog about 4 different times. Mixed emotions and so many thoughts. Okay , when I first got here I was fine (& when I say here I'm talking about school.) & don't get me wrong I still am fine, I just get into my different moods, I'm only human right? Going home this weekend made me just miss being there and it was just so comfortable. Ugh, I'm still adjusting to this whole thing and it doesn't suck, its just that its still new. I swear Iris if you ever read this I am fine I just miss you guys ;]

Okay, so I express myself better in words ; I think it's because I have more time to think of what I want to say rather than having and active conversation. ( Yeah, this is something I definitely need to work on.)

So College, obviously its new, but its awesome. I love it I meet someone new everyday and its not just people that you've seen around all the time, its people from Brooklyn ; Pennsylvania etc.. Its just cool to learn about people and their interest. It feels good to be out of a hole like West New York , and I know that once everything starts falling into place, Iris & me are going to be doing our damn thing ;] . All we have to do is be dedicated have the drive and are passionate about it , there's no stopping us.

So, I learned today that I can hook-up my blog page, Sooo as soon as I figure out how to connect my camera to my laptop, there are going to be some freakin' cool pictures up.

So until next time people ...
Rosalinda <3

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