January 31, 2009


It's good, it's growth, it change,
but man is it hard.

So if you don't know by now, my mom decided to move to Florida, and today is the day she left. I didn't think it would be this hard all day every other second I burst out crying, but who said change was easy? Hopefully when Kristan moves in it would distract the fact that my mom isn't here. It's just the first day and it's really tough, but at least I'm not going thru it alone.

The whole day I just felt so down, like I want to start making the place our own & things like that, but then I'm like she just left today! It's just crazy I feel like those videos where everything around the person is moving so fast and your just standing there trying to grasp whats going on. I just look forward to tomorrow, maybe more smiles and less tears.

I miss you mami and I wish you alllllll the best in Florida, and I hope you wear damn sunscreen you pasty lady ;]

That's my sob story for today kiddos ;]

January 24, 2009

Like seriously?

Customer Service/ People.
First off, If you have a job that involves dealing with people and associating with them and you are not a people person per say, get a new job dude. Another thing you rude people that come into Starbucks and think you hot sauce cause you spend $5 on a 12oz drink pleeasee. There is no need for your rudeness, and remember sucka I'm making your drink you wanna be rude karma's a bitch. ;D

Seriously I just don't understand people, where does it get you being mean? Just gets everyone aggravated and your still in the same spot. It just fails to register in my head. It's cool tho you people keep your panties in a bunch, makes no difference to me, just makes me have something to blog about so thanks ;]

So with serious thought (thanks to the brain) I think I know what type of photography I want to do. Before I thought that I wanted to be an Event Photographer and I did the wedding and we all know how that turned out. Then it came across my mind Fashion Photographer, but I don't know much about Fashion even tho those pictures are amazing, but I thought I really don't know how to voice out what I specifically want, then with the help of google, I searched up types of photography and came across Documentary Photography. Okay Iris, I'm not picking this because its the only type I know, I really thought about it. First when I look at my work all my pictures are candid and just in the moment, capturing feelings and things. I know that I am interested in news and what goes on, imagine if I could have gone to Washington and taken pictures of Obama, it's like me being apart of history and stuff capturing moments for people to see and share with people, and of course I will always do my freelance photography on the side ;] So maybe with a little more reasearch there would be a definte answer to what type of photographer I want to be.

That's all for today kiddos
until next time..


January 14, 2009

The know.

Why not?

I just finished watching the Inauguration celebration for Obama. Dude, all the people at the Lincoln center god damn inspirational! It's crazy because they had said something like Rosa Parks when she refused to go to the back of the bus, at that moment she didn't realize that she was making history; us without realizing it are apart of something so freaking huge in history. It's just crazy man.

It's getting closer and closer and I don't think it has hit me yet. Although my mom has been packing and seems more serious than ever, I just don't know it doesn't feel like shes really leaving & Kristan is really moving in.

I just don't know...

That's all I got for now.


January 12, 2009


Today is the last day that I am 19! whooo!

So yeah, I think I already mentioned the book/journal I bought at my job, the one that helps you think about the next five years of your life. I figured that it would be a good time to start would be in my 20th birthday! I really wanted to get my sister a book so that she can do it with me but, maybe we'll figure something out.

On another topic, I miss my nephew, I haven't seen him in forever!!

Ok that's all I've got for today.


Change is good?

2009 is here, and it hasn't even been the first 2weeks and already all this change seems to be happening. Let me fill you in...

Okay so my start of the New Year wasn't exactly what I had imagine, I don't want to get to much into detail but last year my mom was in Florida and my dad was in Guatemala because his father/my grandfather died, so my sister and I were left here to spend New Years alone,blah. This year we weren't alone but it wasn't the greatest. So that was basically the first disappointment of '09. Then a couple days ago, my mom told me that she would be leaving to Florida, for good. I know that she's going to be happier down there and that this gives me my sister and Kristan and opportunity to do us, but damn I can't imagine living with out my mommy. As the days get closer, I get more excited/sad. I know we will be okay we can do it there's not a doubt about that, I'm just going to miss my mommy.

Well, here's to '09!
Who said change was going to be easy?

That's all I have for today kiddos ;]

January 06, 2009

6am Coffee Buzz..

Just got home a little while ago from working a 10hour shift!
Although my feet are hurting a little bit, that's not that bad doing the overnight. I sure did enjoy it & hopefully I can do more overnights. It's very chill, & I like chill ;]

Soooo at work I was being nosy and I came upon this book type journal called Five. I opened it and learned that it was a book not about setting goals for the next five years but possibilities that can happen in the next five years. I couldn't resist so I bought it and now hopefully I can remember and dedicate myself in filing out the book, cause lord knows one of my bad habits are starting things and never finishing them.

I also want to buy "Hes just not that into you", I saw the commercial for the movie yesterday& told my pookie about it and she let me know that there's a book so I think it looks interesting enough to read.

Bueno , this Caramel Macciato has me rambling.

Maybe some sleep now?

I doubt it

Until next time kiddos.

January 05, 2009

Another night I can't sleep.

One of the many bad habits that I need to break.
So, have I mentioned that I've recently gotten Wii
Fit? Well know you know & man it's so addicting. Like my sister have been saying, " good buy".

Let's get into my birthday weekend that's coming up, as stated in my previous blog, I have no expectations, however I do have an idea of what I want to go down and if turns out completely different whatever. I wanted to go to Coco Bongos, but since it's on a Thursday night & everyone works the next day it doesn't really make sense to go, However, I hear Pachas is good & it's on Fridays so hopefully it'll be a night of drinkin & some booty shakin & of course picture takin'!
& I also wanted to go out and eat maybe? I know times are rough and people can't be ballin' for my birthday, but yeah my sister mentioned Mama Mexico & I googled it & the restaurant look pretty cool I mean huge sombreos what's not cool about that? I can even settle for Holius..
and duh, some CAKE! ;]

Completly off topic for a second, but Mary J Blidge video "fine", I forgot where I heard someone say this but, " She's so fine she has electricty flying out of her fingers" lol

So yeah people, 2009 is here and it's no time for slacking!

That's it for today Kiddos ;]

Rosalinda <33

January 04, 2009


So much for all the anticipation of 2009.

I just thought that maybe just maybe that for once in my life things could be simple and drama free.

But of course nothing for me is ever simple or goes the way it's supposed to so it shouldn't phase me anymore. I still have a new attitude towards 09, I still want to be more outgoing in the new year , however I think I won't have these high expectations , for anything. In the end the outcome is always a million times different then what you expected, so what's the point?

So the first 3days of my new year, completely the same as my last one, how ever I still have 362 days to make it a better year than the past one.

That's basically all I have for you.