September 09, 2008

Con Amor

It's okay, just shoot me in the heart; I don't need it anymore.

Stupid boys, No matter how much we are the same; it just doesn't work out. It
s obvious I put the cards on the table and still you fail to understand. I simply give up. Enough with that the focus is on me now.

School, its going good, still adjusting to the whole thing, but its not terrible. Being social and meeting as many people as I can is a big priority, Like all the teachers say , sure your going to need your education , but when you finish here its who you know and meeting as many people as possible will help me further myself in life. Already I see a difference in myself, I ask when I don't know something, I explore and I'm not scared to just say hey I need help. Which before I would have never been able to do. I just feel so lucky that I'm out here and I have so much support to keep me motivated and going strong! I wont let you down guys! ;]

Lets talk about the Wedding and how completely amazing it was. I am so appreciative that Millie&Charlie chose me to be their photographer, I feel that I'm growing and learning. When I was taking pictures, I felt like this is what I should be doing , this right here is what I love and all doubts that I had before went out the window. Being a photographer is not like being a doctor, I don't save lives, but I do capture moments that people treasure forever. Pictures remind us of the good times, and let us reflect on the past. So although I'm not a doctor I still love what I do and I know that this is what I should be doing.


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