September 03, 2008

Morning ;]

My & twin. Its weird being here without her. Like shes been saying for the past couple of weeks, "it's that we've never been apart." I just wish she could be here to share this experience with me. Shes like the pistol to my holster` BANG!

I miss you brain ;]

Thank goodness for family.
So before I left for my "big adventure" to college, my whole entire family bought me a camera. They are just truly amazing. I just am so appreciative that they would do something so nice and thoughtful, I know that everyone has better things to waste their money on , but they didn't they thought of me. Makes me one happy professional. ;]

Well I like this blog thing , since I still have no roommate, I have no one to talk to. I feel like I haven't heard my voice all day. ugh, let me make some phone calls, thats if the signal doesn't fade.


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