January 24, 2009

Like seriously?

Customer Service/ People.
First off, If you have a job that involves dealing with people and associating with them and you are not a people person per say, get a new job dude. Another thing you rude people that come into Starbucks and think you hot sauce cause you spend $5 on a 12oz drink pleeasee. There is no need for your rudeness, and remember sucka I'm making your drink you wanna be rude karma's a bitch. ;D

Seriously I just don't understand people, where does it get you being mean? Just gets everyone aggravated and your still in the same spot. It just fails to register in my head. It's cool tho you people keep your panties in a bunch, makes no difference to me, just makes me have something to blog about so thanks ;]

So with serious thought (thanks to the brain) I think I know what type of photography I want to do. Before I thought that I wanted to be an Event Photographer and I did the wedding and we all know how that turned out. Then it came across my mind Fashion Photographer, but I don't know much about Fashion even tho those pictures are amazing, but I thought I really don't know how to voice out what I specifically want, then with the help of google, I searched up types of photography and came across Documentary Photography. Okay Iris, I'm not picking this because its the only type I know, I really thought about it. First when I look at my work all my pictures are candid and just in the moment, capturing feelings and things. I know that I am interested in news and what goes on, imagine if I could have gone to Washington and taken pictures of Obama, it's like me being apart of history and stuff capturing moments for people to see and share with people, and of course I will always do my freelance photography on the side ;] So maybe with a little more reasearch there would be a definte answer to what type of photographer I want to be.

That's all for today kiddos
until next time..


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