January 12, 2009

Change is good?

2009 is here, and it hasn't even been the first 2weeks and already all this change seems to be happening. Let me fill you in...

Okay so my start of the New Year wasn't exactly what I had imagine, I don't want to get to much into detail but last year my mom was in Florida and my dad was in Guatemala because his father/my grandfather died, so my sister and I were left here to spend New Years alone,blah. This year we weren't alone but it wasn't the greatest. So that was basically the first disappointment of '09. Then a couple days ago, my mom told me that she would be leaving to Florida, for good. I know that she's going to be happier down there and that this gives me my sister and Kristan and opportunity to do us, but damn I can't imagine living with out my mommy. As the days get closer, I get more excited/sad. I know we will be okay we can do it there's not a doubt about that, I'm just going to miss my mommy.

Well, here's to '09!
Who said change was going to be easy?

That's all I have for today kiddos ;]

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