January 05, 2009

Another night I can't sleep.

One of the many bad habits that I need to break.
So, have I mentioned that I've recently gotten Wii
Fit? Well know you know & man it's so addicting. Like my sister have been saying, " good buy".

Let's get into my birthday weekend that's coming up, as stated in my previous blog, I have no expectations, however I do have an idea of what I want to go down and if turns out completely different whatever. I wanted to go to Coco Bongos, but since it's on a Thursday night & everyone works the next day it doesn't really make sense to go, However, I hear Pachas is good & it's on Fridays so hopefully it'll be a night of drinkin & some booty shakin & of course picture takin'!
& I also wanted to go out and eat maybe? I know times are rough and people can't be ballin' for my birthday, but yeah my sister mentioned Mama Mexico & I googled it & the restaurant look pretty cool I mean huge sombreos what's not cool about that? I can even settle for Holius..
and duh, some CAKE! ;]

Completly off topic for a second, but Mary J Blidge video "fine", I forgot where I heard someone say this but, " She's so fine she has electricty flying out of her fingers" lol

So yeah people, 2009 is here and it's no time for slacking!

That's it for today Kiddos ;]

Rosalinda <33

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