January 06, 2009

6am Coffee Buzz..

Just got home a little while ago from working a 10hour shift!
Although my feet are hurting a little bit, that's not that bad doing the overnight. I sure did enjoy it & hopefully I can do more overnights. It's very chill, & I like chill ;]

Soooo at work I was being nosy and I came upon this book type journal called Five. I opened it and learned that it was a book not about setting goals for the next five years but possibilities that can happen in the next five years. I couldn't resist so I bought it and now hopefully I can remember and dedicate myself in filing out the book, cause lord knows one of my bad habits are starting things and never finishing them.

I also want to buy "Hes just not that into you", I saw the commercial for the movie yesterday& told my pookie about it and she let me know that there's a book so I think it looks interesting enough to read.

Bueno , this Caramel Macciato has me rambling.

Maybe some sleep now?

I doubt it

Until next time kiddos.

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