November 09, 2011

The Return!


There's really no explanation to why I haven't written in so long, but man has so much happened since February.
Apologies for not keeping up to date, so let's quickly summarize what's up with me.
Well, I am now a full time student! YAY! I honestly didn't think I would be going back to school anytime soon, but while keeping my sister company on her interview for school, I just couldn't help but get that feeling that let me knew it was time to go back. So, I filled out an application and my sister and I now attending The Art Institute of NYC. It's been pretty amazing so far. We've gotten to meet so many new people and the classes that we've been taking are so fucking cool. It's pretty awesome to be surrounded by such creative people, it's a nice change.
So pretty much that's it. That's my life. When we went to orientation they told us because it's a two year school, they try to cram in so much classes in such little time, so your really busting your ass to soak up as much knowledge as you possibly fucking can. The first quarter wasn't that successful because I thought, it'll be cake. Now, almost 4quarters in my time is totally devoted to school. I've gone MIA from the social scene, not that I had much of a "scene" to be in from the beginning, but yeah I realize that you have to make some sacrifices in order to get to where you want to be in the future. The handful of friends think I'm joking when I say if I'm not at work I'm at school or doing homework, I do absolutley nothing else. However I have missed blogging and I've tried to do the journal thing, but it hasn't really worked out, so I think I'll be blogging here once again, and I will try my hardest to keep up with it.

So yeah, I have a mountain of homework that I have to do so I should get to it.

Until Next time kiddos ;]

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