October 22, 2008

Your life is an occasion, so rise up to it..

So lately I've found it hard to write a blog, actually I write one just about everynight, Its the posting it that I've found hard to do. It's like everything I wrote before just didn't seem right. Now that I feel my life is getting back in order I find it easier to write and just say everything that's on my mind.

The past week felt like I was holding my breath and just waiting for things to get better. Finally yesterday my old boss called me and told me that I could have my job back and it felt amazing, like finally I can breath. Now I know that things are going to get better and that life is always throwing things at you, its how you react that matters. To every negative , there is always a positive. So, I feel like slowly but surely my life is getting better.

I feel like I would be cheating you if I didn't paste what I wrote the other day, so with that said here it is,,,

Times are rough, but I don't have to tell you that cause you already know.I'm as far down as a person can ever imagine to be. The person I am today is basically I let stupid peaty fears like turned off T.Vs rule my life. Every other day I feel like I find something else that keeps me limited to living life to its fullest, and to be quite honest I'm tired of it. The other day I was reminded of "the old me" and how I did what I wanted and I wasn't scared of the outcome. Where did that go? Why is it that we all have to think things over and over and in the end all those thoughts go to the garbage? I think that everyone should run on instinct and impulse. Just do it, with everything I do I find myself over analyzing the situation. What's the point? What ifs are things we do cause were scared and let me tell you 99% of the time I bet that those what ifs are wrong. People including myself live life playing it safe and that's not the way to do it. I'm tired of being limited, it's seriously time for a change.
Life is reflection, we do things and it doesnt really matter if it was right or wrong because if it was right then most likely it was a good time or memory and you reflect on that, and if you do something wrong you look back reflect on that and you learn from it.

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Iris said...

You should have all that written on a paper that you carry with you when you decide to hold back as you often do. Or a pic of lil sita..lol The lil jode jode that never stopped!lol