November 02, 2008

Its been a while

So where to begin?
Reason for no blogs? Starbucks ;] .
That's right people I am once again a Starbucks Barista!
Only dilemma, consumes most of my time, work work work !
Now I am getting back into the rhythm of working again so I'm not as tired as before so hopefully I should have more blogs up. There has been so much that has gone on that I've been wanting to blog about, Ive just been slacking with this blog thing.

So, Life threw me a curve ball, and I threw that shxt out of the park!

I don't quite know how to say how I feel. At that moment it was perfect, nothing else mattered, weird. Its crazy because for a little while I forgot about you, then all of a sudden its four years later and your sitting inches away. I replay the night in my head and I can't think of anything I would do different. For a split second, I gave up hope because you looked right at me and kept walking, and yes my heart is still melted on that pizzeria floor, but I don't regret that day at all. & I don't give up hope because after four years without having talked you still manage to come see me just because I said I wanted to see you, it has to mean something. So for now I'll just take it for what it was, an unforgettable night, Thank you.

You give me serious butterflies.

That's all i got kiddos.


MonicaDepp said...

Prima, You gotta find out what he feels for you..Only then will you know what to do..

Iris said...

Do you know what I think... Life sucks when you look back & you dont have those moments that your together even IF its just a day or night or whatever. And even tho it sucks the pain will subside & well who knows what else life is going to throw at you. :)Who understands guys anyway...especially dominican ones? PFT lol