September 19, 2008

Druken BLOG!

My heart is offically taken. I am drunk but that doesnt matter makes my feelings more intense and real. __________, its yours, and you wont understand ever but I talk to you and my heart smiles I swear , its corny but its true. You dont have to do anything just look at me and I know that its there. I remember one time I was drunk & the only person that could talk to me was you, you grabbed my face and looked me straight in the eye , and I said no other girl is ever going to treat oyu like I will, no one will care for you or do any of that bullshit, and you looked at me and kissed me. It was surreal, and it was one of the best memories I have. Thanks. Rihanna is hot , lol anyways Yeah Im talking to you on aim and you have my heart .
its offcial .. ;]
so stop it. lol;


Iris said...

You got it you got it Dique Rihanna is

Jaslyn said...