February 20, 2009

In the end everyone ends up alone..

I know that I haven't been on my blogs but whatever. I always have all these thoughts running through my head but when ever I log in my mind goes blank & everything I write makes no sense. It's weird.

Let's just talk about how fast time goes. You wait for something then it passes & now your on to the next thing your waiting to happen. Our lives are spent waiting, waiting for buses, waiting for people, waiting for something anything & then that moment comes, and it's less than a second of bliss; and if your really lucky, you get a whole moment where time doesn't even seem to factor and you truly have happiness then it's gone, then your left again waiting. whatever.
What am I waiting for? I have no idea.
Next topic please.. The whole roommate mom leaving thing. Yes of course I miss my mom, but I know that she's happy so it makes happy, I wish her all the best & I hope she does make it out there, she didn't leave us, she helped us, It takes guts on her part to just pick up and leave. Kristan moving in, it's been cool so far, we haven't really done anything, although it's been a couple of weeks it's like we see each other for 2-3 hours at the end of the day when we all get home, so there's not much input on my part.

How's life at 20? Apparently I've matured, about damn time right? I'm glad that my sister tells me this improvement she see's in me even though I don't really notice it. I'm grown now LOL they don't pay my bills.

Okay, I am a self diagnosed person right, so my new diagnosis is delayed sleeping disordermaybe?
Lately I've been having so much trouble sleeping, maybe it's how my day is panned out, I can't blame it on coffee either because I didn't have any at work today. maybe I should search up calm things to do before bed, I've done the warm bath with Chamomile soap or whatever and just laying down but my mind just keeps going, it just doesn't want to shut off. sucks.

I think that's all I have, for now anyway.
I'll try to keep posted.

until next time kiddos ;]

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