February 21, 2009

Dique animal Planet..

Man life isn't always what you expect, for real.
Coming home to a calm drama free night was definitely a change.
A nice surprise, why can't it always be like this?

Enjoying my Friday night with my dad we happen to watch this show called Dog Town. What a show man, it's this group of people & they save all types of animals and they try but there's just so much they can do. This episode consisted of this dog that had gotten eaten basically alive by other dogs, his whole side was chewed up and he has these gashes on his little legs. This dog shouldn't have made it they called him Toughy, and he went through multiple surgeries, I was convinced that he wouldn't make it if you would have seen his injuries you would be convinced too, but he made it. Ugh, If you know me you know that I'm "animal Planet" & I absolutely adore animals so I logged on to the website to see if I can volunteer how cool would that be?

Just thought I should share ;]

That's all for tonight kiddos ;]

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