December 07, 2008

Why wait?

"I'm going to make '09 the best year I've ever had"
Why should I have to wait for 2009? Okay it is only about a month away, but now that I think of it why should I have to wait to improve my life? Why not think of it as ending '08 with a bang' and starting 2009 motivated and ready for this big change I've been seeking?
I think change starts right now.

Right now I don't have to say how a lack of motivation has consumed me cause I'm pretty sure that your feeling the same way. However, motivation starts a little bit at a time. I guess I'm going to be that little bit, and slowly people will follow. It's just contagious, you see someone actually doing something and you feel inspired to, so hopefully I can motivate some of you fools ;]

Numero Uno.
I was watching The N the other night, and I saw a commercial for the Trevor Helpline, and I couldn't help but pay attention cause Georgie(T.R Knight) from Greys Anatomy was in the commercial, anyway I went online and searched up this organization and it turns out that Trevor Helpline is all about kids who are gay and just feel like they have nobody and people who are suicidal. So I filled out something to see if I can be a councilor.
Why not right?

Also, Yes I am a couch potato so I am going to bring yet another commercial. Special K, I think it's obvious that I can be a little healthier. So I see this commercial for Special K and you do this "Special K Challenge" for two weeks and basically you eat all Special K products, cereal granola bars, vitamin water etc. Yeah if I'm going to waste money on food anyway I might as well get it all at once and maybe get a little healthier, This obesity is NO MORE! ;p

I think that everyone should spend at least thirty minutes about a day on themselves. Doing something that you truly enjoy and that clears your mind and makes you feel better. I think that finding your "zen" will keep you more together and a little less stressed. My zen? I think that I am going to start running, My boss has been telling me what a sense of accomplishment he feels every time he runs and how it helps him get fit. Every time I talk to him I feel so motivated then when it comes time to run it seems like that motivation wants to play a game of hide & seek. I just need to get started, just do it already.

Y Tres..
Blog more and take more picture. Time , I have learned is precious. I could use my time so much more wisely & I intend to, I look at peoples pictures and they have these amazing shots and I feel down, like why can't I capture that shot? I need practice! duh dummy! So I plan to take a wholeee lot of new pictures so look out for me.

I'm done being an observer, I'm ready to be a do-er.

Until next time kiddos;]

Rosalinda <33

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