November 17, 2008

Hide behind it, Run away from it, Avoid it.


I'm broken and there is no fixing that, I'm not the same nor will I ever be.

"I'm fine" .. now give them a warm smile to convince them and they'll fall for it again.
I am not perfect I know this, I am NOT like everyone else and I know this. I don't always do the right thing, I KNOW THIS.

I speak my mind when everyone is sleeping and I know that no one is watching, this is how I am, & I know this, you know this, &I'm tired of apologizing for it. I'm done apologizing because that's how I am, and if being me is wrong then maybe I'm not the one to blame. I used to wish that I was a little more like everyone else but now I see there's nothing wrong with being me even if its being the mute.
I try to let it not get to me, but sometimes there is only so much I can keep inside before just shut down and now that I have I'm letting it out and it only a matter of time before the cycle will repeat itself, I know this.

This doesn't make any sense, maybe it's not supposed to.

I don't know I guess I'm just feeling a little extra emotional today.


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