June 25, 2009

Gone for a mintue

Hola Blogger!
Como estas?

Bueno, I don't even have to state the obvious, however for you curious minds I will tell you exactly where I've been.

I've been slacking.
It's been so long I almost forgot my password, yikes!
Any hoot, I've realized that I blog when I am not in the best of moods, since I've been doing somewhat okay, I guess I forgot about the blogging world.
My apologies.

Since I've gotten my blackberry, crackberry I should say, I haven't really sat down at a computer, and although a full keyboard is amazing, its not amazing enough to write blogs, my poor fingers get tired with all the none sense I be talking LOL.

So yeah blogging world, Its late I just wanted to say I'm back at it!
like a crack addict..


1 comment:

Iris said...

Im glad you have been doing so well chica. :) Even though ive missed your writing.