April 05, 2009

Welcome April<3

Welcome Spring 2009. It feels like you didn't waste time getting here, I mean it feels like just yesterday I was sobbing happy new year. So yeah, I'm not even going to say it's been awhile ;] , you know this. What's up with me? Where to start?...

I recently went to Bergen(school) all on my own which for me is a pretty big deal with this whole anxiety thing. I got up that morning not knowing at all where I was going hopped on a bus and made it to the school. Of course for me it wasn't that simple. I got on the bus with the rudest bus driver ever, he didnt even look at me when I asked if he could let me know that stop, and my luck there was noone else on the bus I could ask directions ;\. I panicked I shed a couple tears, then quickly got over it after bad mouthing the one that was supposed to accompany me. It made me feel that I know I can do these things and that the whole anxiety thing soon will completly be a thing of the past, hopefully.

What else? I'm tired. I am tired of the same thing after same thing after same fxcking thing.

I want to be out there....

True happiness doesn't exist.

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kristaaan said...

bad mouthing me usually makes people feel better. LOL