March 12, 2009

Sometimes the best thing is to walk away.

Yesterday I was feeling kind of down, as you can tell by the previous post.
I just felt like I used to feel all depressed and stuff. I just felt like I was taking a step backwards and that never feels good. However I think we are all entitled to our days. Last night I had an argument with my sister, and I'm not saying I'm right and shes wrong or vice versa. I just think our hunger and stubbornness got in the way. I just think we both could have gone about the situation in different ways. For example instead of attacking me, yes attacking me because that's how I felt, you could have said things in a nicer more positive way. & I could have just gone to my dentist appointment, but I was in a "funk". Don't get it twisted I'm not on here because I don't want to talk about it with you, I'm just venting. Which I hope I'm allowed to do...

Besides that, I'm still not feeling 100%, whatever.

I just wish that I can get away sometimes some where far, where nobody knows me & I can just be free, even it's for a little while.


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